Your Profile – Traffic Magnet?

Branding yourself or company name has been the subject of lots of internet chatter for a long time now. Most everyone talked about it…. not many had any idea how to do it.

Every page you are on is part of your web presence and should be branded.
Your profile in every community or other site you are a member of. Your blog and website about pages….. anywhere you have some of your information or leave a comment!

It is simple really. Just like a nationally recognized logo, as you spread your information around the web, be sure it tells anyone seeing it who you (or your company) are and why they should pay attention to you. Most people use different info on every page, article, or post, and do not link everything to their main page or profile.
Don’t take me wrong here….. you do not want to copy and paste the same thing on every page you have access to either! But like the LOGO, just a small image or statement should be on every page linked back to your main page with like information on it.
To put it a different way…. you are putting the YOU into everything you do, plus linking everything you do together! As you link all your online work together, it builds your WEB PRESENCE! The bigger web presence you have, the easier it is for anyone to find you!

Why are my profiles so important?

If you have been online a while, you have seen the internet marketing GURU’s attack the search engines with keywords, SEO, and what next! They Joint Ventured everyone to death! No marketer had a responsive list because everyone had been bombarded the others lists till no one on them listened! They Attacked social networks and spammed them till no one opens their network email or reads others blogs or forum posts……. They Killed blogging with add blogs and spam comments……
The list goes on…..

Despite all of the above…..

If you have read any of my posts anywhere…. I always said: “Write good copy and link correctly”.
Not rocket science! Write good informative and interesting copy and simple link it to more of your good informative interesting copy……. even use others information to back up your own…

OK…. you have a good base of information….
Now link your profiles to your information…..
Your “brand” statement linked back to your main blog or website having relevant info on it will do 2 tings for you.
1. Give your blog or site a high ranking back link that in a sense tells the search engines your site is “smart” because one of the big boys is linking to it.
2. I have found that my profiles have been placing high in searches for my name or business name. This gives you top search engine rank for those names!

I have had a page 1 Google placing with 3 different profiles using Scott Reynolds as a search term. (most did not use Scott Reynolds as my user ID!) I think my top one now is Twitter somewhere on page 2. This took no extra work from me…. just plain ol telling the truth on my profile, a few links to more of my info, and staying active in the communities.


You by no means have to run out and join every community you find! Do your research….. join ones you are interested in….. each one has its own “niche”. The ones you like will be easier for you to stay active on. Besides, your brand should be in that same category.

The “hot” communities should always be considered for their shear traffic and member numbers. The rank of the hotties will usually be higher also (makes for better links). The rest…… pick them because you like what they are about….. not because that same person invited you to join yet another one!

Your social network and site profiles are just part of your web presence but not a part that should be taken lightly!