Where is Internet Marketing Headed?

I believe the Get Rich systems, big JV deals and resale rights products are on their way out.

Sure each one had its place and made somebody money but the rest of us are getting tired of supporting their laziness. Thats about what it is. None of the systems or products really worked for everybody. They can’t! Everybody has a different different system with different software, some thing will work with this and not with that. To make this work you need to buy that or join this…….Come on! I believe in paying for quality and giving the creator their due but it has gotten where nothing works because of the rush to launch and see what we can make off this before it crashes. Laziness and greed. And JV deals! Giving away a load of crap to all of your friends lists in hopes of a backend sale? Don’t expect these to last much longer, most lists have been tapped out already. Maybe with more quality and less quantity JV’s will still work, but for how long?

I still think most marketers are still trying to help the less fortunate …… the buzz words of marketing ….. “have a duplicable system and help others learn it” . Good in theory, but if you are an internet marketer, is it working for you? How many of the gurus have set down with you and helped you understand and use their newest system? None I bet unless they were trying to sell you the rest of what you need……………How many have you actually figured out yourself?

Face it people these “systems” and fancy multi level pay plans are going to be more work to succeed at than you coming up with your own product, building your own web site, planing and implicating your own SEO and traffic plan
So why are we chasing these hypes and lies? Laziness and greed.

Do we as marketers want to continue this way?
I can only speak for myself but I say stop the bull…….!!!
We can stop hype! We can stop the lies! We can stop Spam!
But we each have to work at it.  The opposite of laziness and greed.