Whats in Your Online Marketing?


Adding a blog or forum post or submitting an article somewhere (CMU7 Social Network is always a good place!) every day builds your web presence quicker than you may think!

You already have at least one list! Friends at social communities are a list, anyone on any site or program you can send a message to is on your list! These lists are not as targeted or as responsive as one getting sign-ups only for more info about your product, but still are very useful.

The CMU7 social network on Ning can build your list quickly s well as set you up for future profits! Invite all of your Ning network friends (from any Ning network you are a member of using the same Ning log-in) by going to the Friends – invite page and scrolling down to "Invite friends" under the email stuff…. It will automatically only select the Ning friends that are not yet a member of Community Marketing University! You may ad your own message to send with your invitation, then click send invitation to invite everyone you have met on any Ning network to CMU7’s social network!
They then will be exposed to all the reasons why they should join CMU7’s affiliate program and start earning you money!

A few reasons why everyone should be a member of CMU7……

CMU7 is every online businesses front door! We offer the tools needed for online business success. Use the tools – your business will grow – simple!

– Our affiliate system will add income to your efforts.
– Programs like the Matrix (which is still active and there are future plans for similar programs) can add more income streams along with lead source.
– Some of the best List building tools online are available complete with the training and personal support to be sure you have an active list building system set up and working that you can manage! – Viral advertising that is easy to set up and set in motion!
– My Virtual Office to use as another income stream while hosting virtual meetings and conferences to recruit members into your business and train them to succeed!
– Traffic Generation tools through both CMU7 and Web TraffiCircle! We know how to build targeted web traffic and host the tools (with training) so you don’t have to! More Income streams possible through WTC also!
-Plus much – much more!

Every Member of CMU7 can earn more income by using our online business tools and once set up, they require very little work from you!

To grow your business, you must talk to people! Do Not just throw an ad in their face and move on to the next! Talk to them about what you like to talk about! If you find out they are working an online business, let them know you have found some tools with real training!Hook them up with the CMU7 Toolbar or the social network (invite them here) and let them nose around! Telling them to sign-up here and upgrade to start making money will usually turn them away…. Start a friendly conversation… then check back with them once in a while to ask how things are going for them…. you may find another "in" to tell them how well your list building is going, or how much traffic you are seeing from your ads and posts at CMU7 or WTC!

Your profile on any community should state the benefits of what you do plus tell about you. Be sue you use keywords that target the people that search those words to find you on every profile. Then the people asking you to be their friend will be people that need what you are offering (or just like who you really are)!