What to do as my online business?

I enjoy watching peoples actions and trends. As a marketer you have to. If you guess the next big trend correctly and have placed yourself in its path, mistakes will not even matter! I have worked through and watched friends and people in general wildly chase the next Internet trend….. Jump from one business opportunity to the next………… Go through the next tools that will bring in millions of customers…one after another……. and the list goes on. I personally have done all of the above….

You know what I found? Starting with any of the above is just plain backwards!

  • You will 4 times as hard to get fewer visitors to your pages
  • You will always spend more than you will ever make
  • There is no automated pipeline that you can turn on to funnel online customers to your pages
  • Customers will not flock to your page just because you have one and you think the product is "HOT"
  • The next product will not draw you more online customers because you think it is even "HOTTER" than the last one you tried
  • That new marketing tool is not going to pump out new buying customers because the sales page said it would

There is only one thing that will bring you online customers.  Your Web Presence!  If you can not be seen on the web…… no one will find you! Wait a sec before you go out posting ads everywhere you can find a place to stick one. Ads have their place but your web presence is what will convince your new customers they should buy from you. A bunch of auto generated crap and copy and pasted stolen articles tells me I should be buying somewhere else!  What do you do when you see pages you know are copy and pasted from another website, or auto generated copy that is basically unreadable?

How I would go about starting an online business if I was to start over again is:

  1. Start a blog or forum and talk about one thing I like to talk about every day, something I know well enough to be an expert at already, or will be, as I research and post my findings on my subject.
  2. Spread the word about my blog or forum everywhere I can find that will listen. Be sure to offer your new readers at least one way of staying in touch….. RSS feeds, news letter, membership…. whatever suites your subject.
  3. Keep Offering interesting copy and conversation while spreading your reach by finding new communities and websites

OK!  You just built an excellent web presence! A highly targeted and loyal customer base! And you had a great time doing it!  But did you hear me mention one word about a product? NO! You will be able to offer a cool product you know your readers will like now and then (working them into posts or newsletters) because they have been reading your posts and news letters for months….. like what you have to say……. and they will buy from you because they trust your judgment!

If you bombard them ad after ad after product after…. they will leave your newsletter or stop reading your posts……. and disappear ….   Ask any Guru marketer! This has already happened to all of the internet big boys! No body listens to their crap anymore! (They use interns now to take advantage of new names!) We have heard it all before and are sick of it! Market like them and be doomed!

My point is….. be yourself, have fun and make real long lasting friends online using a simple blog and any other sites that you like (making sure everything you put on the net is high quality)….. you will be the next Internet Success! You do not have to "find that perfect product"! You is what will make you a success online!

Listen to the online "buzz" and keep doing backwards marketing……… No one will ever listen to or read your information….. you will become friends with a huge bunch of backwards marketers that only send ads back and forth to eternity never making 1 sale  ……… The newest online community…. Internet Marketing Hell LOL