What is Marketing?


A friend of mine did a post on the origins of marketing today that got me thinking …….

The simplicity of marketing made complex by todays techknowledgy. It is hard to know  which way to go.

Keep it simple?


Dazel them with complexity? (Not to be confused with "baffel them" like we see way to much of today)

I think most sales people have bent the truth a little more often than not to sell their wares, but  most never meant any harm. Some are the butt of jokes like the car salesman or traveling salesman…….. and people kept on doing those jobs.

In todays fast paced world of te internet, its not like back then where the dealing was done face to face and scams or even commen mistakes can have global impact.  I think with the video techknowledgy coming out and the internet scams of the past few years…… it will come back to face to face dealing. Sure there will still be the scammers just like in the old days but at least you will see who is scamming you. Good or bad? I’m not sure…

See if this makes you think.about your Marketing, and please leave your comments