Vermonter Internet Marketing

Like usual my duties are calling me away from writing in here again. The main reason why I held off setting this blog up to begin with, No time to put into it. Oh well, I’ll get started anyway.

I was raised a dairy farmer so I am used to working long hours every day of the week. That has merged into everything I have done sense I was a kid. I was thinking maybe I could slow down a little some day, maybe try my luck at internet marketing. That should be easy.

Heck, just look anywhere on the web. Somebody is telling you how easy it was to earn MILLIONS! But do you know what happened? I went from working 40 -50 hours a week to over 100! The Bad part was, I wasn’t making any more money! Oh I made some here and there but spent what I made on advertising going from 1 program or product to the next, Knowing it was the “one”………….

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m kinda stubborn …… being a Vermonter and all so I kept trying, and I am glad I did.

I have gone through every product and program out there I think ……… no ……… there were a few I didn’t like right from the start! Man, they sure sounded good when I first read about them. Sure they were great products and most had a good business plan. I have learned those fancy multi level pay plans won’t do much for a Vermonter just starting his internet marketing career. Those babies can make you some serious money if you are a pro Internet marketer with a few big lists just waiting for the next hot deal to be promoted to them.

To make a living Internet marketing, you can’t just stick pre-written ads everywhere and hope they get seen. Chances are the on;y people that will see them aren’t looking for what you are advertising.

Someone told me once “You have to be seen, Stick your ads where ever you can!” ………. I tried that. Now that I look back on it I am glad I didn’t get seen!

Wow! What a fool I made of myself!!!!

I’m sure glad I didn’t market some of those programs that were all Hype and Lies! I kept thinking “they must be making money that way…….. maybe I should try it” But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…….. The Vermonter in me I guess.

VERMONTER INTERNET MARKETINGTruth and Integrity. May not make me as much money as those guys out there spreading their Hype and Lies but I feel good at the end of the day!

Due to lack of time, unfortunately I have to leave you hanging, but will be back when I get a chance to teach you more Vermonter Internet Marketing……….