Support and Advertising Added

Here Is Yours LLC has added new services to our system.

We have run Just Ask Live Help for about a year extensively researching support systems and how customers react to them during this time. Our findings show that moat new customers will leave the site if contacted from the support or sales department of that site.  (no one used it on our sites but contacted us via Skype or other im’s with questions) They do not mind sending an email or creating a support ticket as long as it is not complicated however.

We now use a system build by OS Ticket which is simple, light on our servers and staff PC’s but will still get questions answered just as fast or faster than the live help system (which was a great system). We still offer support on your site with our new ticket system.  It is as easy to install on your site as adding a text or image link! No code to ad to your pages or site template. Use our support team or yours all at affordable pricing. Try it out and request a quote for using it on your site by starting a ticket using the site support quote request topic HERE.

If you have followed me at all during my internet carer, you probably have noticed I devote much of my time researching and developing ways to drive web traffic to my sites and help you benefit from it on my sites and hopefully learn to drive your own. Well, I have 2 domains right now close to the top 200,000 traffic generating sites on the web!  SEO Traffic Blog Network is about to go under the 300,000th visited domain on the web and MegaTraffic is just about to drop under 400,000th.  This is world rank by Check it out and notice the US rank of my sites while you are there (the blog network is under 100,000 in the US!).  By the way, the lower the number the better (Google is ranked 1).

OK, so my sites get visitors and some of my members do, but some still don’t…. How can I help them?

By letting them place ads on my (and soon partner) sites placing their info in front of thousands of visitors a day!

No blogging, posting or socializing like is needed to build your traffic on my sites normally. Just post your ad! I can offer this service at supper low prices because there is no third party I have to pay inflated prices to and the traffic is what I built using my techniques (That I try to teach all my members) so it $0 out of pocket.

Finally get more for your money and submit your text or banner ad today!