Simple SEO For You

I left similar advise on a members page and then decided it was really simple advise everyone could use, so I added a little more to it for all of you.

By posting a small post about something on your blog or site every week, here, on your blog, and in any other social networks you are in, you will build your web traffic 2 ways.

1. people will see something from you on a regular basis and go see what it is you are so excited about.

2. Your content and keywords that are in your posts will be indexed by the search engines from each site and show links in, from each of them.

If your blog is on Blogger or another large blogging site it will need lots of incoming links and regular posts to boost your blog through all of the competition and get you seen on the search engines.
Free and affiliate websites work the same way. If the company you are an affiliate of has 10,000 affiliates, you have to win the top spot by beating every one of them in the search engines, not easy with a page you can not edit!
Thats right! Those "free websites" they give you are just about worthless on their own. You need your own blog and social profiles with blog and forum posts to draw your customers and the search engines. Your "free" page will only be the link you send interested customers from your posts to buy the product you mentioned in that post.


Do not talk about your products all the time!
Sure, they will come up just as in normal conversation because you are excited about them. But talking just about what you are selling will get you very few customers! This is why I added the most searched terms to Mega Traffic. so you can see what the world is searching for.
Watch that list!
You very seldom see a product listed.
If you do, do not run to try and corner that search phrase! Google it first…… see how many times it was found on Google? That is your competition! Think you can beat all of them out to rank on the first page of a Google search? It would take years for a single person! The top search will probably change tomorrow… You missed that one!

This brings me to teamwork.
1. The Gang Up group allows you to team up and make a difference (and money) quickly as a team. It is found on
2. Mega Traffic is a teamwork site. Every post, link, update entered on Mega Traffic by any member will help every member.
I am helping you by bringing our site a higher traffic rank than some more active Ning networks. I allow very little Spam or member adverts all over the place to keep our quality high and the search engines watching us.
All you have to do is post interesting, informative blog and forum posts. Every post you submit will bring you closer to being seen from a search on a major search engine.

The weird part? It does not have to have a single thing to do with what you are marketing! It has to do with what you like, what you know, and who you really are!