Safe In The Clouds

You have probably been hearing more and more about the “Cloud”. What is it? Simply online storage like an extra drive on your PC.

What can you use it for? Well, a lot of places are offering some form of cloud storage nowadays. Like Google with Google Drive, Microsoft with Sky Drive, Amazon, Drop Box, and others. Most have their own unique type of storage. Most are for everyday users storing their pictures, music, videos, e-books, and other files. Put them in the cloud and access them from anywhere you can connect to the internet!  Some are for business securely storing business files for in or out of office access.

Most Cloud storage offers a few gigs for free and is secure enough for most people. You can lock stuff down pretty tight. Or share files pretty easily if you wish. All offer more space for a fee. Most can be accessed from your account login on most any device.  Easy to add info from the road with your phone or tablet, then access later from home or the office.

The best feature of Cloud Storage is when your computer or device dies, those important files still can be accessed!

With more and more done on computer and mobile devices, The cloud offers lots of storage, with easy access from all your tech equipment for free or super low prices with nothing to lug around or lose with all your important files on it.

Are you using the cloud?