Pre Thanksgiving Rush

Even though I dislike the hype of black Friday and cyber Monday or what ever else they can think of to call it. I run an advertising agency and my customers have to be ready for the holiday season.
Though it continues through out the holidays, the big push is off.
This year I got to meet an awesome group of motivated ladies and a few gentlemen selling Jewelry In Candles. They needed an easy way to gain new customers on a small budget. I created the JIC ad co op to purchase them paid Google advertising they otherwise could never have afforded. Their campaign goes into full swing this afternoon through cyber Monday. See what they offer at

Another project has been upgrading a local family holiday wreath business to internet sales ready.
C&C Evergreens now has a fully functional Website anyone can order wreaths from. They can now easily add more information, images or products whenever they get time. Unfortunately we started a little late for the organic business listing process to help much this year, but their business will have a full organic Web presence next year! Take a look at and purchase some of their beautiful Vermont made wreaths and decorations at

Thank you for reading and looking!
Be thankful for and enjoy all the people around you this Thanksgiving!