Online Advertising – Where Are You?

Online Advertising Process
Wheather you are new to promoting your business on the internet or been around for years jumping at every new venue that has come along, I think you will agree that advertising a business online is not easy. The best options have been, build a large and popular well optimized website or blog drawing thousands of visitors a day. Or, Pay through the nose for PPC/CPM advertising or leads lists. Most usually chose no internet advertising at all.

So where are you?


  1. Never tried any internet advertising or marketing.
  2. Have tried a little marketing on social communities with little or no success.
  3. Have tried some paid search advertising with not much success.
  4. Have built my own website/blog but haven’t seen any ┬áchange in business.
  5. Have tried building a list using newsletter, autoresponder, or other tool but got few or no signups.
  6. Have tried listing my business on search engines, mobile, local and maps search and have seen little result.
  7. Am doing 1 or more of the above and am making money with internet advertising!

OK, so now we may know a little more about where we are with our internet advertising.

Now where do you stand in the largest, fastest growing market ever….. Mobile?

Then what will be next?

Don’t worry! I have your back!

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