Leader The Follow

Something I have done more than I really would like to mention sense I have been online is what I now call leader the follow. people_walking_blurred

Trying to make money online or start a work from home business which you can find millions of cases of how easy it is by just Googling it.

Isn’t that easy.

Basically, you are told to leader the follow (In dog language this means chase your tail) because you are not a leader or you would already be leading. Right? But you have to build and lead your team to succeed. Do these “companies” teach you to lead? No. They instead provide you with awesome tools to build and market your new business which you need to learn to use and probably pay for…. The vicious circle of pay and pay more for this awesome….. (what?) begins.

But this is only part of my story, for I have been around the computer more than once and can see these “companies” coming. I failed, I learned (after a few tries :)….. I learned you have to learn for yourself…. So go ahead! It doesn’t hurt  if you really learn!

So I built my own business. Now I will lead I thought….. Still, I Leader The Follow, I can not afford to build my own internet or super internet search engines, or directories where people can find products or services they need when they need it…. I can only help businesses be seen by those searching for product they offer on the internet that is here. I can only help those searching on the now super internet search engines and directories by learning more about how this whole internet thing works on the internet that is here. By keeping up with changes implemented to make the internet better (for the super to make more money usually), to keep those I do help where searchers can find that which they really want.

I must be crazy! I despise hype. I can’t stand spammers. I hate it when I search for something and don’t find what I am looking for….

Yet I started an advertising company.

Leader The Follow…..