Keywords – keyphrases – SEO? – HELP!

There are so many tools…. so much information… Where do I start?

What works?Keywords=dollars

What doesn’t?

How do I write content that targets the right words and phrases?

How do I know which words and phrases  will work the best for me?

Here is my view. Basic as it is, I hope it helps.

SEO is keywords:

Simply the optimization of web content and the platform in which it is presented making it easy to find by search engines and the people looking for that precise information. Most content management systems (the script that makes your website work as it does) are already pretty much optimized.  Fact is, adding SEO tools to a website usually ends up hurting optimization. Simple and easy to find is what we are looking for… really! The search engines are not as smart as their owners would like you to believe!

Article prep is my biggest fault in my SEO. I usually just write off the top of my head… Yes… I know, it shows! But I hope it makes it real for my readers. Thats my story and I am sticking to it! Ha Ha Ha! …OK.

Article prep can be easy too. One just has to try to make it a habit.  You have to find your weakest link and work at it in every article. We are talking about SEO here so my quick tip is: Think the article or blog post through and write down one or two key things you want to focus on. Yes write them down and keep them in front of you. This will keep your focus on your main subject. …. Automatic SEO!  See. Easy!  You could take it one step further and check your main words and phrases with a keyword tool to optimise your focus  to the most searches. This brings me to my next section. ….

SEO and Keyword Tools:

First, refer to last section before adding any SEO Tools to your website. Be very careful here not to confuse search engines and potential readers by adding more on top of what is already working fine.  The best tool here in most cases is your mind while you are writing the content!

Keyword tools are in my opinion anyway getting easier to understand and use correctly.  Like most other tools used on the web, they change constantly. They have to to keep up with the web. Find what works for you and use it. They can really help!  Google has recently changed theirs  making it what I consider easy to understand and helpful. Drawback? You need a Google account connected to Google Adwords and are very much guided to purchase ads. But hey… Its their job right? Most keyword tools will do this, the tool is there  to help you purchase something.. but be careful and you won’t have to.  Sorry, getting into a common sense lesson.  Back to the keyword thing! Got a Google account? Check out theirs here. >Click!<

Here is the thing…. what you may want to target might not be what people are searching for!  Sure it may be the same idea, but in internet search land, ideas can’t be found, keywords and keyphrases can. Using a Keyword tool can push your article from one only a few see to something viral!  Starting every article knowing people are searching for what is actually in it also feeds confidence which can also show through in everything you write!

In conclusion I hope this takes the Halloween Fright  out of Keyword, keyphrases and SEO.  A few simple changes can make a huge difference in your online presence. which could make the difference between doing your online business for free and making money at it!

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