Is Managing Your Own Site Ideal For You?


I still work a full time job and run websites and blogs on 3 domains, one being a free blog network with hundreds of bloggers using it at the moment.

WordPress is THE blog platform to use to be noticed by search engines easily, I don’t care what anyone says. Eventually this will change …. I know. After all, this is the internet!

Anyway, I have been trying to provide the best and easiest blogs for my members and lately it has been a real hassle. One little thing after another seems to go wrong with the script. I realize I am not a college educated programmer but I have worked with a few scripts the past few years. There seems to be a lot of people that ask me questions about WordPress Blogs……. not to mention managing your cPanel and domains. Let me tell you there is a lot of different stuff you have to learn about just to run a simple blog on your own domain! The Info is out there and anyone that can read can learn how to do it if they have the time, but simply finding the perfect domain name that is available take a lot of research.  That one that pops into your head at the spur of the moment……… don’t run to Go Daddy and buy it without some real research with keywords, competition and all……

No, you can’t just put up a web site and get rich anymore. It takes lots of research on top of maintaining your hosting, cPanel and other scripts, html, and on and on….. Today you are better off working as a team with experts in each field. Someone running your website or blog(webmaster), copywriters, designers, programmers, SEO, marketers (list builders, email, social sites, ect……). Quite a bit for one person to learn and stay on top of eh? Sure is!

I am building a team and I offer blogs on a network (Traffic Blog Net) that is receiving over 10,000 hits a day (highest day so far, 31,000). I run the site and handle the maintaince and SEO, You can just blog away! By the way, the Blogs Are FREE!