Hype and Spam

Hype and Spam,  a never ending commodityInternet Marketings Biggest Problem?

Well …….. Vermonters Don’t Like it I tell ya!

If you have been working on your Internet Marketing career, you sure know the definition of these to words!

Has CAN-SPAM helped at all? Not in at least some of my mailboxes! But. I am a marketer so I put up with it.

Should I have to? No! I don’t send trash like that out to anyone! I believe you should get what you give so lets get together and send all the Spam back to the spammers! I don’t mind getting decent ads from people. But all this bull s**t scam, easy money trickery, SPAM has got to go!

The problem is every time someone makes a law to try and control SPAM it will hurt the honest guy that has trouble getting his email out to a few hundred of his hard earned list.


As marketers we must police ourselves. Only YOU can stop the spread of Hype and Spam!