Hype and Spam

Hype and Spam,  a never ending commodityInternet Marketings Biggest Problem?

Well …….. Vermonters Don’t Like it I tell ya!

If you have been working on your Internet Marketing career, you sure know the definition of these to words!

Has CAN-SPAM helped at all? Not in at least some of my mailboxes! But. I am a marketer so I put up with it.

Should I have to? No! I don’t send trash like that out to anyone! I believe you should get what you give so lets get together and send all the Spam back to the spammers! I don’t mind getting decent ads from people. But all this bull s**t scam, easy money trickery, SPAM has got to go!

The problem is every time someone makes a law to try and control SPAM it will hurt the honest guy that has trouble getting his email out to a few hundred of his hard earned list.


As marketers we must police ourselves. Only YOU can stop the spread of Hype and Spam!

Scott Reynolds

Raised on the family farm in rural VT, Certified John Deere Tech for over 30 years. I am always am curious to find how new things work which lead me to the internet - online business - marketing and advertising. I never liked the hype, cost, or lack of results I got from business building and advertising so I decided to try it my way. Easy and affordable that still produces better results. Contact Scott for an outside perspective of your businesses online presence anytime! (802) 345-4293 scott@hereisyours.com

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