Even Vermonters do This

"Why Me?"

This is going to drive me nuts!

Everyone crying "Why Me?" " When are you going to show me how to make money online?"
"I don’t know how!" , and childish head games because you are jealous of my success.

Get over it! …………….Get of your butt! ………………………..You can do it to!

The reality is most of you don’t want success. Go ahead….. yell, scream, swear……
Now think about it.

Are you already a success? What are your goals in life? Have you met them? If you have no goals left to meet……. you are a success………….OK, you can die now.

I know….. but think about it. If you don’t want to better yourself or set new goals to work toward….. you are done. Want to coast and let everyone else pay just because someone made you mad once?

Get outa my face and outa my road!!
I have better things to do than listen about how your problems you say are caused by everyone else.

Every moment of your life was controlled by YOUR decisions and where you are now is the sum of your past decisions.
Don’t like where you are today?
You and only you can change where you will be tomorrow!

You can chose to take action, or chose to set there and cry and complain. Which do you think will move you forward towards your success?

Think your life can’t get much worse? Wake Up! Look Around You! There are people all over that have it worse than you. Unless you are that poor soul that just died……..

If you are reading this…. you are not dead….. you have the opportunity to make the DECISION, then take the ACTION to work with me…….. not set there and wait for me to lead you by the hand but step up and offer your ideas and skills to help yourself, friends and neighbors.


You can make the decision to get up, take no new action and do the same thing tomorrow you have done everyday up till now ….. which will lead you to ……where you are now.