Email Marketing – When Do You Send?

Looking at the timing of just social and blog marketing may still leave you out to pasture with some folks unless email timing is factored in.

Most social networks and even your blog can send an email notification to your readers/followers. When will they be most likely to open and click the link to your post?  This email timing infographic from will set your time straight.

If you automate your blog and social posts, careful thought should be given to your post timing for social, blog and  email to optimise one or balance them all for best results.

Scott Reynolds

Raised on the family farm in rural VT, Certified John Deere Tech for over 30 years. I am always am curious to find how new things work which lead me to the internet - online business - marketing and advertising. I never liked the hype, cost, or lack of results I got from business building and advertising so I decided to try it my way. Easy and affordable that still produces better results. Contact Scott for an outside perspective of your businesses online presence anytime! (802) 345-4293

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