Bad Internet marketing Training

What? Bad Internet marketing Training?

Let me start here…..

Has what you have learned in the past from the “Guru’s” made you rich yet? ………..

I didn’t think so!

Do not worry. The poor people that paid for every portion of their program and tools trying to make their system work aren’t rich either.

Who made any money? ………. Only the Guru that owned the program.

I have to say I did learn from all of their teachings…….. I learned what not to do……
Most of the “Guru’s” did make a lot of money online. They ran a scheme of some sort that ripped you off, no matter what they told you it wasn’t….

>>>> ANYONE TELLING YOU THE EASY WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WILL RIP YOU OFF!< <<< >>>>THOSE TELLING YOU TO ENLIST YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS, WILL NEVER TEACH YOU HOW TO MARKET ONLINE! < <<< They are only looking for you and your friends to purchase from them until you all are broke and have pissed off your family and friends! For some reason we are drawn to those that have lots of money (or at least act like they have a lot). >>>>>THINK PEOPLE!!!< <<<< How do you think they got all that money? By making more of you believe you needed their products or services than anyone else!...... We are drawn to them because they know how to take more of our hard earned money! The internet has done the same thing. Those that could make more people believe they were making lots of money online got the attention and following of many more people. Thus the Huge lists they boasted. They then made even more money off by trading mailings or ads to their other Guru friends that had huge lists they had already personally worn out by spamming with their own offerings..... The money really was in the list until the list got tired of it! ..... These Guru's are finding themselves scrambling to make any money now. You and I who read, listened and learned from them are left with worthless information and less money than when we started. Unless we built our web presence along the way. ...... The guru's had us bamboozeled, yanking us from one hot product to the next, scamming our friends and relatives with their teachings... When we were done we could not find our web presence if we tried, had no friends or relatives that would talk to us, never mind anyone else ever finding us. Then they sicked us on "nitches" trying to spread our presence even further into oblivion using our work to actually build THEIR web presence! The Adsense craze........ whoa! Don't even get me started! Google made the web almost useless to find any real information on because of all the "bots" marketers had going producing "keyword" pages for their Adsense campaigns (each maybe earning them a few cents a month)! Some made lots of money by selling Adsense tools, training, sites, and other crap...... who made money with the advertising? Google! >THINK!< It would take billions of click throughs to make a thousand dollars at a few cents a click! Who gets that kind of traffic? If you were getting billions of visitors a day are you going to send them away from your products for a few cents? >What is a scam?< Now Google is the hero because they are only indexing "real content" and picking "keywords" from the copy itself. My Opinion? I think they should clean up their toxic mess and not charge us to do it! Something I have been telling my readers and teams for the past 3 years is...... Do not use those "easy" copy and paste articles, article spinners, or bots to build your web presence. Think! Use your own thoughts, words, and articles, and simply use the keywords you wish to target as you write. This is exactly how the search engines are indexing web content now. Those that have, are gaining quality web presence with every post or article. I have preached and preached about the backward marketing techniques of online businesses for years. Any one of their backwards systems they so carefully taught to their members or marketers, only made them money, not the people doing the work. But I guess that is how our society is set up. Each business could have exploded their profits by actually helping each of their members make some real money online. But as long as Backwards still works..... they will still use it! They do not care if you are shunned from every community or website you are a member of because of the tactics they teach! They each have their projected average each member will net them, and are happy with that. The only online training or reading I have done that is right on the mark is: "The successful marketer or salesperson must market them self, not a product". You can swap products, services, companies.... Have huge targeted lists of customers that really will buy from you..... And make any amount of money you wish......... If you build your web presence by marketing you.