Anything For Free Anymore?




Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines


Yes! Google, Yahoo! and Bing along with all major directories, maps and navigation services have found that I and many other advertisers and businesses could list their business online for free!

Guess what is happening now!  Free is leaving us quickly!  And the free listings  that are already in their databases? Somehow buried!


Yup… someone was not watching the back door and a few of us snuck in… these billion dollar companies cried no fair, and quietly hid any free business listings that snuck in that back door under their new paid inclusion programs. Sure, with enough research and wall knocking I have managed to find free and almost free ways to still include your businesses on most sites I was using already. But let me tell you they are scrambling to keep me out! I didn’t realize they were listening or I would not have posted what I was doing online!

Bad news? Cost of online business listing will go up slightly, some cases may require a small monthly payment.

Good news? Hopefully the new business listings will carry more weight in internet, mobile and navigation services searches.

What about my business? I am working overtime trying to stay ahead of these changes. You need to run your business. Not work 24/7 to keep it listed online! Contact me for a free consultation and let me do the online legwork to keep your business on the (online) map!

Scott Reynolds

Raised on the family farm in rural VT, Certified John Deere Tech for over 30 years. I am always am curious to find how new things work which lead me to the internet - online business - marketing and advertising. I never liked the hype, cost, or lack of results I got from business building and advertising so I decided to try it my way. Easy and affordable that still produces better results. Contact Scott for an outside perspective of your businesses online presence anytime! (802) 345-4293

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