Advertising – Did You Notice Its Everywhere?

Doesn’t it seem everything we build to make our lives better ends up as another medium for more advertising?
Looney Tunes Daffy Duck Image
Is there so much advertising that we don’t even pay attention to the things we should? Will we become numb to everything  with attention spans shorter than a Tasmanian Devil  hopped up on coke?

There are a very few companies who I think are doing it right. You will have to think about it to figure out who they are, but they make more sales by just being there when you want it than all the brands and products that get drilled into your head every day from TV, News Papers, on your computer, your mobile phone, your navigation device, and everywhere else!

These companies have carefully earned trust by providing quality. They don’t hype you out till you are stressed so bad you have to do something… They are just there when you want what they offer!

I try to provide that kind of business building to my clients. My way of trying to change the world so we all can enjoy it a little more.

Thanks for reading.  I would enjoy your comments…

(Daffy Duck image is a copyright of Disney Pictures)